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Help with looping depending on approval status and time deadline

Question asked by christinagateley on Mar 23, 2017
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I am building a workflow with a simple approve or reject option; however, I also have to take into consideration whether the task has been completed within a time frame of 7 days of the due date but also to check whether 2 other fields have changed (this is either the 'Published Date' or 'Status').


I have tried using a string of 'IF' statements to do this, and attempted the loop functionality but I don't know which to use for the best, and I've also never used loops before.  Here is a snapshot of the loop option that I created:


Nintex Workflow

Details behind each action are:

  • Loop = where 'stage 2 status' equals open and where workflow data 'published date' => workflow data 'ReminderDate7 Days'
  • Set variable = set 'DateLastModified' equals date when the action was executed
  • Wait for item update = Modified to not equal workflow data 'DateLastModified'
  • Run if = where workflow data 'PublishedDate' not equals list lookup field 'Published Date' or where workflow data 'Status' not equals list lookup 'Status'


My confusion is how to incorporate all of these actions to run at the same time.


I hope that is clear, but happy to elaborate or share more images if necessary.


Many, many thanks in advance for any help that you can provide