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Nintex Workflow Dashboard

Question asked by franco89 on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by rickbakker

Hi guys,

I have a pretty complicated set of workflows that I've been given requirements to build.

A primary workflow spawns off multiple child workflows.

I need a dashboard where our Service Desk can come check the status of a request. 

This is easy to do for the "parent" workflow, but it is harder to do for all the child workflows.


For instance,

I may have a New Hire workflow which spawns 6 Location Approval workflows, as Joe Smith needs access to 6 different buildings. The service desk needs to be able to see the status of each individual location workflow, and they will only know the ID associated with the parent workflow that spawned them.


I'm wondering if there is a way I could use a multiline column in my SP List (my dashboard) to show up-to-date information on all the children.


My dashboard can be something basic with three basic columns like:

Request Title // Primary Workflow Status // Location Approvals Status



Upon spawning a child, I can write to this Location Approvals status column something like:


Location Approvals (a SP column)

Greyhound Bus Stop: No Approval Required

Disneyland Location : Pending Approval (Status URL)


I know how I can provide the user with the workflow history URL but I wanted to do one better.

Once this location gets approved, would there be a way in that child workflow to write back to this column but instead of appending a new line, actually update the above line so that it now read:


Location Approvals

Greyhound Bus Stop: No Approval Required

Disneyland Location : Approved (Status URL)


This way they wouldn't have to click on all the status URL links, they could just look at this column and quickly see updated information. Has anyone done anything similar?