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Manage Workflow Reports

Question asked by on Sep 15, 2014

Product is:  NINTEX Workflow 2010


If you click on a Workflow report within "NINTEX Workflow Management" - "Manage workflow reports", you do enter another configuration page... one of the parameter is "Role", I wonder what's the purpose of this one....


Observations so far:


  • The picker dialog seems to only accept groups, not indivdual users.
  • Even adding a security group there and performing IISRESET nothing changed in the behavior of the individual report.


Why I'm asking:


Well, I'm in the need of either limiting access to some reports only for high permitted administrators or completely disabling a report.. but whenever you disable a report, it's also no more available in "Central Administation" - "NINTEX Workflow Management" - "Manage workflow reports section"



My assumption (and hope) was, that exactly this paramter would give me some control, who can use an indivdual report on the teamsites....



Anyway, could anyone explain, what's the intended use of "Role" - paramter within "NINTEX Workflow Management" - "Manage workflow reports".....