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Random workflow failures

Question asked by dsotirov on Mar 22, 2017
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Hello all,

We are experiencing random workflow failures with no obvious reason and no detailed error messages (other than "an error occurred in workflow_name"). Last failure was at a FlexiTask action - a task had been created and was waiting for an response, an hour later the workflow fails and the task is set to "no longer required".

Here's some background on the environment:

- the workflow has 65 actions and is 950KB in size

- some of those actions are "Log in History List" and "Commit Pending Changes" which we have added along the way while trying to prevent failures

- workflow starts at item creating and there are only a few items created per day

- currently ShP is used for 2 workflows (and nothing more). It's on a all-in-one box (ShP 2013 Foundation and SQL 2014 Express) with just 8GB RAM.


I know it's easiest to blame it on the hardware and database but I still needed some opinions.

Thank you,