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Multi language in huge Nintex Forms

Question asked by ignasitt on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by rhia


I want to know the official best practices to face a really huge form in Nintex with multi language enabled.


We tried with the method proposed on this article: Nintex Forms – Multi-Language Form | The SharePoint Pub  (lookup functions on calculated fields pointing to a translation list), but the problem is the form is querying the list for each calculated field. It means if we have 150 labels on a form, it's necessary to request the translation list 150 times, and the performance is really unacceptable.


This would run ok in small forms, with a lower number of labels, but in this case, Do you know how to get all literals in a single query? (resource file, XML load or something similar).


I also tryied with JavaScript code and the performance is quite better, but then, the form complexity increases a lot (too much lines of code), and JavaScript is not compatible in Nintex Mobile.


It would be great to know your best practices for this case.


Thank you in advance.


Best regards.