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Task delegation via form different from web service

Question asked by tcremer on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by tcremer

Dear community, 


while creating a workflow that allows the user to delegate a task (by calling the web service method "DelegateTask"), I notice that the delegation via webservice is different from the delegation via the task form. Nintex does not replace workflow variables in the task notification email, only item properties (here: Request number) and the task internal links are substituted correctly in the email. 


So, when I delegate the task vie web service, the (initially correctly configured email) looks like:


Request number:




Total amount:

{WorkflowVariable:varENOverallAmount} {WorkflowVariable:varDefaultCurrency} 


When I delegate the task via "Delegate this task" in the ApproveReject-form, everything's fine.

Why do these two ways behave differently? And is there a way to convince the web service to send the email with vars substituted?


Best regards, Tobias