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Flexi Task escalation and delegation

Question asked by hardingt on Mar 21, 2017
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I'm running into two sticking points with Flexi Task management:


  1. I would like reminders and escalation to occur in relation to the Flexi Task's due date. i.e. I would like reminders and escalation to only occur once the task's Due Date is approaching (or has passed). This doesn't seem possible (please correct me if I'm wrong), which brings me to my second problem.
  2. I'm handling reminders myself via a workflow so that they can work based on the task's due date, and I would like to reassign/delegate Flexi Tasks via workflow. I tried updating a task's "Assigned To" value and while that change went through, it didn't appear to actually have an effect on who was assigned the task. (Which is... confusing.) The only resource I could find regarding task delegation/reassignment via workflow was a blog post by Dan Stoll, but using Call Web Service isn't ideal for my environment.


Am I missing anything? Or is Call Web Service my only salvation here?