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Workflow actions Guidance

Question asked by plasmagrid on Mar 20, 2017
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Looking for a little guidance to use the proper Workflow action. My company uses SharePoint 2010.

I am taking this workflow over from a previous tech that left our company, and yeah me, nothing is documented. I looked at his workflow and seems to be messy/chaotic.  He has 9 different "products" and then goes to a review process. I am thinking with the correct "if/else", "then do" statement it could be cleaned up to be a state machine with only one process to deliver the article review to the proper  group. I presume I would need to make SharePoint groups first and then use an action that based on product type deliver to specific group. Then I think it would clean up nicely and only have one article review process. What action or actions would I be "correctly" using in order to accomplish this?