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approval from general email

Question asked by gdgonzal on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by mlysgaard

Hi All,


This one has me stumped so here's my issue.  I am sending an approval notification using Assign Flexi task to a text variable that has a general email address in it as plain text.  The issue is that when a specific user who is monitoring this general email attempts to approve using the notification they receive a permissions error.



In retrospect the error makes sense to me since it's expecting an authenticated MOSS user and instead it has this general email address which will not match the actual user attempting the approval; however, I am still left with a need to send this Assign Flexi task to a general email address and then, somehow, enable any of the team members monitoring this general email to then complete an approval action without either specifically adding them or creating a group which would defeat the purpose of the generic email, to begin with.



The only thing I can come up with is to create another workflow that automatically does this and replace the Assign Flexi task with a simple notification.  Then, somehow, include the link to this new workflow and just have the user click on "Start"...of course I've no idea how to actually accomplish capturing the URL of the newly created workflow that would need to be manually started.



Maybe you guys know how to do this or have a better design idea to address my issue?