Nintex Mobile - Task Sorting is Wacky

Discussion created by rhia Champion on Mar 17, 2017
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Let's talk about Nintex Mobile. Specifically, let's talk about the task sort in the system. You have a few choices:

  • Created Date
  • Due Date
  • Initiator
  • Name
  • Workflow Name


In this situation, I'm using the Name sort. Here is how my data appears:


  • Test 39.81-39.89 T_RHRA
  • Test 39.81-39.89 T_RSI
  • Test 160.45-160.52 R_RHRA
  • Test 25.30-25.36 R_RSI
  • Test 55.32-55.62 L_RHRA


If it had been 160, 25, 39, 55, I would have written it off as just "one of those things" but nope it seems to think that this is the right order. There are no spacing differences, the word is the same every time at the front.


My secondary issue for my client is (and I will submit this via User Voice) is that they want to sort by another column that comes with the data. But that's an aside.


So I guess my question is: does everyone run into this same sort issue? Have you run into other issues? Does anyone see a pattern in here that would sort it in this way?