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State Machines

Question asked by burkslm on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2017 by chris.ben

Ken Hawkins wanted a specific State Machine solution. For some reason my .jpg file didn't send when I tried to reply through Nintex. So I am creating this post. The question is:


Create a state machine. One of the states will be for the initiator. Depending if the approvals are done separately or all at one time will determine if there are 5 more states or 1. If any of the approvals are rejected, change the state to Initiator and it will go back to the Initiator state branch. Put the logic in there to check that it is rejected and do what needs to be done.


But I'm not clear on how you would set up the state machine for this scenario (new to Nintex and Sharepoint, old NotesDomino developer :) ).


Can you send me an example?


Thank you.


I'm not sure if I completely understood, but here is part of a solution I provided. I left out actions he would need to create and a variable would need to be created so if it was rejected the Initator would no to do something different than the actions when it is initially started. Hopefully this helps.