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How to view Attachment, when disabled?

Question asked by on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by courtney.shelton


After user submits a form with attachment, all these fields are set  to disabled to prevent from edited.

My requirement is that Approver can review all the items including attachment, and decide to approve or not.


I just found that Attachment control is acting up depending on web browser, and seeking a help to fix it.

I tired IE, FF, Chrome, and Edge. The first three browsers are behaving the same.


1. [IE, FF, Chrome] When viewing and editing, no matter what, Approver cannot open attachment. Is this because the control field is set to Disabled?


2. [Edge] Edge is the only one where Approver could open PDF both on View mode or Edit mode. However, in Edit mode, Approver was actually able to "Delete" and "Add Attachment" as well, which is not good.


So it appears that Disabled rule wasn't working on Edge to being with. Then regarding #1 above, Is there a way to allow Approver view attachment, when it is set to Disabled?


I have Update Item Permission for Approver set to "Edit" on the item, because approval task is executed on a form; "Result" and "Comment" on the screenshot. Because Approver can edit the form, I had to disable all the remaining fields.


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