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Creating a Gannt chart from workflow history

Question asked by paavoheikkinen on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2017 by rickbakker


it's me again,


I have been googling heedlessly for an idea how to create Gannt Charts / timelines out of the Workflow histories. Problem: I have a list tracking an element running through a process with 6 process steps each with their own workflow (I tried with one workflow, but somehow the size exceeded the limits, thus separated workflows). I would like to create an element specific Gantt chart to show the progress according to the status of the workflows:

Process 1, Start-End; Process 2 Start-end; and so on.


If it is possible to add the specific workflow tasks as milestones / checkpoints, that would be a positive extra! 


I hope the question is clear enough! 

Thank you in advance,

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