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How to populate a choice column using workflow?

Question asked by martinn on Mar 14, 2017
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today I would like to aks a question about workflow and how to set a choice column of an item correctly using the workflow.

The situation is that I have a document collection. This collection was build by a service provider using a software to migrate a lotus notes database file. One column - lets call it 'oldCategories' -  in the list contains one or more strings separated by comma which are the names of categories where the document could be found in LN. Now have added a new column 'newCategories' to the list of type "Choice" with the option to choose multiple values. I also defined a selection list for that column so, if a user creates a new document he can select the values using checkboxes.

For the already existing records I want to use a workflow to set these values of that 'newCategories' column depending on the values that I can read out of the 'OldCategories' column. I got to the point that I can separate the single strings I read out of that column and cut them to the necessary information so that the strings are matching at least one of the values that are selectable using the checkboxes.

Now I got stuck on the question how to fill in the strings I found into the 'newCategories' column correctly. So that if someone wants to change that column later he can select or deselect the checkboxes that are offered in the form.

Have I first to populate a collection variable and after that using 'update item' action or have I to update that column separately for every new value ? If I have to do that separately how do I prevent to loose the already existing values?

Thanks for your answers in advance.