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What is wrong on TerminateWorkflowByNameForListItem if multiple emails are sent?

Question asked by lonesurvivor on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2017 by emha

Hi everybody,


I'm, experience an annoying issue with terminating workflow instances by WebService.


This is my scenario: it should be possible for users to push a button in my Nintex Form to cancel all running instances of two workflows for the current list item.
I realized this with a site workflow that get's started by webservice-call via click on the button. This works well, both running workflow instances are terminated on the list item. I realized it with this:


The webservice-actions are configured like this (example for the bottom-action):


So for the following example, if the site workflow to terminate the running listitem-workflows is executed again, now for every workflow ever executed (not only the currently running) on this listitem, the notification-email is sent again, 9 times (4 on Request, 5 on Internal approval)!



Is this a bug by Nintex, a creepy design-feature or a misconfiguration on my action? And what can I do to ensure only notifications for the two running workflows will be sent? Or better no notifications for that special workflows?


Greetings from Nuremberg