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Nintex Regular expression - How do you say "stop"?

Question asked by michuk on Mar 14, 2017
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I am trying to extract text from a multiple line column.


I am using a regular expression nintex action.


The multiple line text column it includes the text: Date_of_Request_dd_MMM_YYY_06MAR2017Number....etc..... What I want is to pull is only the date ie 06MAR2017. How do I say stop after the year. At the moment it pulls every starting Date_of_Request onwards.

I have use a reg ex pattern of Date_of_Request_dd_MMM_YYY_\d{2}\w+\d{4}

Then update item - date of request column

Then I have a reg ex to remove Date_of_Requaest_dd_MMM_YY_

Then update item - date of request column Please advise. Thanks in advance