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Custom Validation function reference phone book icon

Question asked by nhurst1369 on Sep 12, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2015 by pramodbn

In the Control Settings for a field, under the validation section, there is a 'Custom validation function' field.  This field has an address book icon on the far right that opens the 'Insert Reference' pop-up.  What's confusing about all of this, is none of the References in the Common, Item Properties or Inline Functions tab actually work in this field.  This field only seems to be able to call custom javascript functions on the server, or custom javascript functions from the custom JavaScript section of the form settings.


If this is the intended behavior for this field (i.e. not a bug), could you rename this field to 'Custom JavaScript validation function' and remove the address book insert reference icon from the right of the field?  We've already had a couple of people try to create custom validation in this field instead of using a rule because it looks like you should be able to.  I think these two changes would make it more obvious that this is not what this field is intended for.