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Nintex Content Database Design and Mapping

Question asked by gerardo.salazar on Mar 9, 2017
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My company is at the point of having to make a decision regarding the design of our content databases architecture for Nintex Workflows and Forms, and we are analyzing the 1 to 1 content database for creating one Nintex database dedicated to each one of our content DBs in SharePoint.


As we have over 25 SharePoint content databases we are also considering having fewer Nintex content DBs and assign a few (3 to 5 perhaps) SP content DBs to a single Nintex content DB.
Our big question for the second scenario is, what would happened if one of the site collections starts to significantly increment the amount and size of its Workflows? Once all the mapping is done, what would be our options for solving this?


If this scenario happens, can we re-map two or more Nintex DBs to one SharePoint content DB?

I’ve been looking at the InstallGuide and DatabaseDesing documentation but I can’t find anything that completely solve this for us.


How would this scenario workout so that we can take the best decision on how to design the architecture of our Nintex content DBs?




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