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Skip pages in multi page form based on multi-select choice field?

Question asked by courtney.shelton Champion on Mar 10, 2017
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So, following along with this tutorial: How to design a Multi-Step form with Nintex Forms for Office 365 , I got pretty far on my multi-page form! But, I want to show certain pages conditionally, which led me to this question: Skip pages in a multi-step form . 


My case is slightly different, however, as I'm not checking exactly a checkbox status, I'm seeing if a checkbox is checked in a multi-select choice control. As I'm AWFUL at Javascript (read: useless) I'm a bit stuck. I found this comment from Sean Fiene  about identifying the multi-select checkbox bits, and I got his "showMe" function to work great, but I guess I'm stuck on putting the puzzle pieces together.


Right now my form looks a bit like this:


The "IT Request Information" should only show if "IT Request" is checked, and there are other panels that are the same way (ex there's a panel for "Mobile Device" and "Employee Transfer TO your team" etc). 


If anyone could also tell me, how to auto-check "IT Request" and "Facilities Access Request" if the user checks "New Hire," and not let them uncheck it, that'd be great. Or if there's a better way to force them to fill out those bits of the form if they select New Hire, that's fine too.


The final piece here is making sure they fill out each piece of the panels they're shown (not letting them advance "next" unless they've filled out all the parts of that panel). 


Whew! That's a lot. But this is my first Javascript adventure, so any help at all would be amazing!


Perhaps Caroline Jung, Jesse McHargue, or Cassy Freeman can help this poor noob out?