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Question asked by neilryd on Mar 9, 2017
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Good Afternoon, I am not sure if i have done this correctly or if I should have done something different.  I have basically been tasked with what seems to be impossible, but I like a challenge.  I have a form which is currently in hard copy only, we are trying to go electronically with it but I am already seeing obstacles.  I use SharePoint 365 which has the Nintex 365 Workflow and Forms.  I uploaded the Nintex 365 form and created a carbon copy of our said form in Nintex 365 Form designer.  A bit of background to the form is that it comes in 5 sections.


Section 1 - Modification Details - Employee shall enter a number of items into the form, once section 1 is completed it should then send out to department function heads (4 of)

Section 2 - Formal Review & Approval - Department heads shall comment and make recommendations 

Section 3 - Checklist - Department heads shall check off all factors of the modification, then a notification should be sent to Employee originator stating department heads have completed form sections 2 & 3.

Section 4 - Pre Start Review - Operation Training to marked as complete and Plant Manager approval

Section 5 - Recording & Close Out - Employee to complete which involves documentation and recording before submit for final approval.  At the end of the section 5 a final approval is to be checked/signed then a copy distributed to the function heads.


Now I have already built the form, i have tried my best to self teach by searching on here but it seems to keep pointing answers and searches to the older version of Nintex Forms and Workflow instead of the 365 versions.  


So I suppose I am looking some pointers:

1 - Bearing in mind I have already built the form, is it possible to add in 'submit for review' tabs/button at Section 2 to put out to the heads.

2 - After the heads have reviewed & completed 3 & 4, can the Operations & Plant Manager be notified its completed?

3 - Once plant manager & ops have approved set up a workflow to progress to close out?

4 - Once employee has recorded all info and final approval by head is completed a final notification is sent to department heads.


Any tips would be appreciated?