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Trigger an already completed workflow on the same item

Question asked by saahil.singla on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2017 by saahil.singla


A user publishes a news article. This article needs to be reviewed and approved/rejected by a committee before displaying it on a site. He can edit the article while it is pending for review or even after it is approved/rejected.

the user can edit the article at any given time, even if it is being reviewed.



Trigger a Nintex workflow as soon as the user publishes an article. That workflow goes to a committee who reviews it and it approves. As they approve, the article is visible to everyone.



The article is approved by the committee and is displayed on the site. The user makes some changes and publishes it again. Now we need to get it approved again. Can we restart the already completed workflow for the current article?

(We should not  trigger a new workflow every time a user hits publish as he may make numerous edits/spelling changes for which he needs to unpublish, edit and publish again.)