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Add in a Nintex form to top of list page

Question asked by pete on Mar 8, 2017
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Hi all

I am attempting something new. All my other forms have been created using Infopath & it is easy to get the form itslef to appear above the list - making it easier for users to add in new items & recognise straight away what page they are on.


I have just designed a page using Nintex forms (I also designed it using Infopath but don't like it at present!) & have got the layout how i want it.


I am unable to get the form to display as a web part at the top of my list & wondered if anyone knew how i can resolve it.


So i want to do this:


But i want to do it with a Nintex form web part rather than an infopath web part (as shown above).


When i try to configure it i can get as far as this (i can get as far as "list form" in my web part):



You can see the red asterix's what do i type here & how do i find out where these items are?

Any ideas?