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Check item exists before adding

Question asked by cazza162 Champion on Mar 9, 2017
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Morning all

So I have a ridiculous requirement whereby I have to copy items from ListA to ListB if a condition is met in ListA.  i.e. if new item added to ListA with status of Live then copy to ListB.  ListB looks exactly the same as ListA but has an additional column called ListAID.

So when the workflow runs I need to work out if the item from ListA already exists in ListB.  Fine, happy with that, I query ListB filter by where ListAID = Item Property: ID and store the output in a list item variable vIDListBItem.

So now I need to know if vIDListBItem has a value.  I choose set a condition and configure as follows:

  • If any value equals value
  • Workflow Data:  vIDListBItem
  • {here is the problem}


The only comparisons I have are "equals" and "not equals".  I would like to say is not empty.  But that is not possible. 

Now I have a few ways in my head I can get around this, but I would rather not do them as I think I am over complicating it.  Can someone please tell me an easy way to do this...?  Marian Hatala you always come up with tricks that I never knew about - how would you approach this?