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Imported form losing connection to site columns

Question asked by stevebnc on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by Enrico Knapp

I have several libraries within the same site, using the same site columns, added to the same generic content type at the library level. Some are choice, some are lookup.


I have created a form using these columns with filtering enabled in three lookup columns based on the other site columns. The form works as expected.


I exported this form and imported it to several libraries. For some of the libraries the form retained all of its connections for the site columns. However for some of the libraries, when the form is imported the connections were lost just for the site columns. All of the other fields connected properly including those added to content type that are not site columns.


The controls that lose the connection populate the data with the choice options, or in the case of the lookup table point directly to the source list. They are not however connected to that libraries list. For these broken controls it is possible to go to the ribbon and re-connect them with the "ID connected to" dropdown, or re add the control from the sidebar and all works well.


There isn't anything really obviously different between the libraries that work and those that do not. There might be a difference in the sequence of events during creation.


In any case, this is not a good thing as I would like to have one form to be deployable to many libraries without the need for individual verification/modification.


Any ideas or solutions on what is possibly going on here?