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Missing element in a repeating section

Question asked by dsotirov on Mar 7, 2017
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Hello all,

Recently we stumbled upon a strange issue - sometimes submitting a form through a mobile device (iOS) would lose one of the elements in a repeating section. The form is shown below and it is used to add amounts as needed. All amounts are summed in real time on the form. First there's a calculated field within the repeating section (formula is: "If(equals(currency,'BGN'),amount,0)" so that it adds only the chosen currency. And below the repeating section there's another calculated field that sums all corresponding currency fields.

So, the form, as seen from the capture, has calculated a larger amount (126230) while the 5 elements actually amount to a total of 105760. There has been a sixth element which is missing (not saved and submitted) but its amount somehow shows in the total.

If I open the form in edit mode the formula is being automatically recalculated correctly:

So far I have been unable to reproduce this issue (reported by users) - the test forms are always calculated correctly (as are most other forms in production).


Has anyone had that? Any ideas will be appreciated.

Thank you,