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I want to send an item down a different branch if the item has been modified.  Is there a better way than using Version#?

Question asked by calmaguer on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by calmaguer

I have a workflow that runs when an item is created or modified.  Along the way, I have a condition set for if Version is equal to 1.0, it will go down a branch that sends some tasks.  If version is not 1.0, it will go down a different branch and not send tasks (assuming the item has been modified).  


Is this the best way to handle this?


Side note : what's a good way to bypass this if I needed to.  For instance, if I have a query that errors out before getting to the Version check, the workflow stops.  When I go to fix it, I can't get the workflow to send the tasks without going in and changing the Version check action, running the flow manually, then changing the Version check back.