Producing a text document containing Repeating Data Table inputted from a Nintex Form item

Discussion created by daniel on Mar 5, 2017
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I have a form built in Nintex Forms 2013 for managing Orders.

The form contains regular fields along with Repeating Tables.

The requiement needed is to be able to produce a kind of "Report" as a text document - Word or Excel Form (using MS office capabilities), containing all the Order's data (including the repeating tables).


Input: The form is filled completely by the user and saved to the Orders list (through Nintex Forms).

Output needed: Word document (or Excel form) with the Order's data copied automatically from a form-item in the Orders list.


One idea i have is using the Quick Parts in Word to create a document template with all the data fields (copied from the Order's item). The problem is with creating the repeating data table.

What other ways are there for implementing an automatic solution for the output?

Can be using code (Macro/VB), XML, a third-party tool that can interface to Nintex Forms items etc.


Any ideas?