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Workflow Task list to be in Edit mode as default

Question asked by sandy_s on Mar 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by burked

I had testing with customer and most of parts of our solution works except this.


  • Customer wants the Workflow Task list must be in Edit Mode as default.

  • I told the customer, users can still edit by clicking on ellipses as shown:

    • Customer said that its TOO many clicks for the users and asked to change the behavior.

  • I created a new workflow on the Workflow Task list.

  • I had simple three actions Workflow.I created a Regular expressions action to replace Display to Edit form and store in a variable.

  • This are my configuration steps for regular expressions action:

  • In the Update List Item action, I update the task name and pass my variable as follows:

    and in Fx button, I chose URL format.

  • Somehow, Workflow Task is NOT creating items the automatically which I have already defined the Start Option but I will find a way for this.

  • After I click it manually, I am able to update the Display mode to Edit mode in the Task name as follows:

  • But when form is opened, it still shows as Display mode.

  • I have seen Swetha’s blog about the similar to my case but she show updates Edit form in Assign task which I had done it.  My case is a bit different.

    Any suggestions what am I doing incorrectly?
    Thanks in advance.
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