DDP Form Checkbox Responses within SOQL WHERE IN clause

Discussion created by joseph.corrado on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by ryan.oleary

I am using a DDP Form step as a filter for my DDP.  One of the Form Fields is a Checkbox where the user can select 1 to many values as a filter.  I then (want to) pass in the user's selections as a parameter into the WHERE clause of my SOQL query.  This works fine if only 1 response is selected, but if more are selected, the SOQL's WHERE IN clause expects each response to be single quoted and comma separated.  Is there anyway to properly format the string to place single quotes around each response and as well as comma separated between each response?  Or another method to achieve this requirement of selecting 1 to many values and using that in a the SOQL?


Thanks in Advance.