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I am trying to populate a repeating section with data from a list based on a dropdown

Question asked by scynerp on Mar 3, 2017
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My question is around a simple request from the business. We have production resources, processes, and lines.

I have created lists for all and when I am now trying to create a form for them to use to create a Resource plan I am struggling to work out how to populate data in a repeating section automatically when they select a production line.

An example would be: Line 431 has 7 processes, Line 410 has 6 processes.

  • The user has the lines in a dropdown on the form and I need to populate a repeating section with the 7 or 6 processes from the processes list when they select it. {showing a mock up below}



Firstly, is this possible using standard Nintex forms? Please advise on this.

Secondly, if not does anyone know of a solution for me possibly?