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How to create item in a folder in List Item ?

Question asked by pierrenouet on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by chris.ben

Hello everyone,


With a list workflow, I want to create an item in a folder in another list.

The action I used is "Office 365 Create List Item or Document Set".

But I have an issue with this action.


Here are some screenshots to explain the problem :


1) The action's configuration : 

We can see here that I wrote "France" for the folder, I tried many things like the entire path of the folder or a lookup on the list with the folder's name.


2) The list with 2 folders : 



3) The error I always have : 


Of course, this is not a permission problem. I am totally admin with the account.


Am I doing something wrong ? 


I saw a similar case here : Create Folder with Office 365 Create List Item or Document Set 

But it works only to create folders (I tried it, and yes it works).


Have you seen cases like this?

Maybe I am not seeing the right thing?

Is there another action I can use?


Thanks for all your answers.