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Email the Form Initiator

Question asked by pete on Mar 6, 2017
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Morning All

I have a form that requests the person name who is starting the form - IE the "Initiator Name":

The actual name of this column in the list is "Initiator Name" & its set up like this:


I want to send the Initiator an email notification back when this person chooses between three options:



So, when The initiator chooses OTHER i want them to get an email back telling them they chose other & that once they know what the decision is (IE Scrap or Heel) they should update the form to reflect this.

I thought the best way to do this would be a flexitask so that i can do a Nintex approval form that links them back to the form with the option to change the status from other to either Heel or to Scrap ( i have this style working well in other areas)

However, i cant figure out how to get the initiator name into the "assignee's" box in the configure actions box in the Flextask.

When i click on the book i get this page which will allow me to lookup "Initiator Name":

But when i add it i get an error:


Am i being a bit dense or am i missing something?


Is this the best way to go about it?


The reason for going down this route is that i want the initiator to be able to easily get back into the form & update it. As mentioned i have been able to configure a Nintex approval form update to work really well in other areas (so much so i even impressed my local techie/guru type!!) so it seems a good idea to enable the initiator to get back where he started via clicking on the link on the approval email.


Unless there is a better way of enabling the initiator to get back into the form without having EDIT facilities in the list/form entry page - which i don't want to do.


Any ideas?