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Two repeating tables in a row are generating additional spaces between previous and next form controls

Question asked by ignasitt on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2017 by leland

Dear all,


We are using Nintex Forms 2013 ( )


We have a form with 2 repeating tables one beside the other one:


After the first line added in the upper-left repeating table, everything is ok:



Then, If we add a new line on the upper-right repeating table, the expected result should be to fill the free space generated by the previous line (upper-left repeating table):


Instead of this, the form is generating a new line, separating the next form controls far away:



If we repeat this operation several times, this is generating a really weird result: ¡¡Too much space separation between the repeating tables and the rest of the form!!



Please, Do you know a solution to avoid this odd behavior?


Thank you in advance.