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Error from Sharepoint with Workflows Settings?

Question asked by pete on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by pete

Hi All

I recently posted a thread about a three way decision at the start of my form. A great suggestion was made about three separate workflows & changing the start up settings. More details here: Pending / Submit & a reminder 


Anyhoo - i successfully (or so i thought) set up the three (or as it turns out 4) workflows & altered the initial settings to start only when a particular option is picked (Scrap/Heel/Other) The 4th is actually triggered by something later in the form (incident details)


When i run a test on this i get the workflow email but when i click on the link it does this:



This is the same for OTHER, SCRAP or HEEL but interestingly the fourth workflow works fine!


To give you an idea this is how the SCRAP option is set up:




I cant spot anything wrong with this. I even changed the form so that it had a menu (rather than radio buttons) that has SELECT/SCRAP/HEEL/OTHER:



So i am convinced that this is due to the initial settings - but am open to suggestions. As a matter of interest this is the settings for option4 (the one that works)




So as u can see it is asking 5 questions & an option in the flow is started depending on what is picked. I am annoyed this one works & the other three don't!


any ideas what i am missing?