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Issues Opening a Nintex Workflow Task Form in Mobile Web View or App

Question asked by nsouth on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2017 by patrickabel


We are putting together a POC using Nintex Workflows and Forms and are running into the existing bug where a link to a mobile Nintex Form opens the default SharePoint form instead of the Nintex form. I have tried the workaround suggested here, but with no luck. I can't get the "fn-Replace" function to work in the URL field of the link. Also, the link format seems to be different in Office 365 versus the examples in the workaround. 


Our goal is a simple approval Nintex Workflow. We initiate the workflow using a Nintex Form on mobile (using the Nintex App). Then the workflow generates and assigns an approval task with a Nintex Form. We want the task assignee to be able to click a link in their mobile email app to open the task's Nintex Form in a mobile-friendly way. We would be happy with either of the following:

  1. The email's link opens the mobile Nintex Form in a browser (i.e., a working workaround for the bug)
  2. The email's link opens the Nintex Form in the Nintex App (not sure if deep-linking works for forms whose definitions are defined in tasks in a workflow)


We would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you very much.