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Nintex FORM cascading look up

Question asked by miripx on Mar 1, 2017
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Hi Fórum Nintex

I have the next form


The field "Tipo de Mantenimiento" is a list this have 3 options to select "list lookup"

The field " Clasificación de Mantenimiento" is a list with a look up search "tipo de manteniento" and display the options according to this field.

I have one option in "Tipo de mantenimiento"  ("Mtto. Preventivo has some restrictions) in this option I requiere before deploying the options in the field "clasificación de Mantenimeiento" i need to evaluates first other field called "Tipo de unidad" and look for for each unit type his "clasificaciones de mantenimiento" avaibles

First Select Tipo de mantenimiento if is Mtto Preventivo

Evaluates Tipo de Unidad

Display Clasificaciones according to Tipo de unidad


How can I do this?