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List Item lookup Help!

Question asked by mdagostino on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by bimi82



I have a list that that I am trying to create a calculated column for in my form.


I have 3 different director levels (A lookup field) - D 1, D2 and D3.


I have another lookup percentage field ranging from 85-100 for the 3 different director levels


I have a commission amount for the various director levels and percentage.


This is the query I am using for the calculated column, which is only bringing the first amounts for the three different director levels only


lookup("Plans", "Percentage:Title", parseLookup(AtoG), "Sales Commission")&&lookup("Plans", "D Type:Title", parseLookup(D Type), "Sales Commission")


Does anyone know what I am doing wrong. How can I get the 86-100 amounts to populate.