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Why does my form grey out when opening on an Ipad or Iphone

Question asked by on Mar 1, 2017
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Hi Everyone,


This is my first post within the community.



SharePoint 2010

Ipad Air 2



Background Detail:

I have a Time Study form that I put together that stores time stamps based off selection inputs. There is a repeating section that stores values in multi line text (inputted as XML). I created multiple layouts. I have one for Desktop, Iphone and Ipad.

The form works 100% of the time when opened (Clicking 'Add New Item') on the Desktop and I am able to fill out the form completely. When I open the form on an Iphone or Ipad , after navigating through SharePoint, and clicking 'Add New Item' The form loads and pops up, but it is "greyed" out and you cannot input anything into the form.



How do I keep the form from "greying" out when opened on an Ipad or Iphone device so the user is able to complete the form?


Thank you!