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Call Web Service:  StartWorkflowOnListItem suddenly stopped working

Question asked by bcasey on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by bcasey

I have a WF that queries a list and then uses a call web service action to start a WF on the list items that meet the query list criteria.


This has been working perfectly for a while, and suddenly now when I start the WF, it immediately errors at the Call Web Service action.  Nothing was changed in the WF, it was working at one moment, then started generating errors.


For some reason, the WF would go through about 50 items or so in the list (not all the items collected from query list), and process them correctly, then just hang up and stop working.  So, I would terminate the WF, update my filter, and restart it.  This was working fine for about 6 iterations, then started giving internal server errors.


Here is the config of the Call Web Service:



& When I test execute the Web Service:  Internal Service Error.