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Column with choices not sortable after workflow updates the item?

Question asked by calmaguer on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by mmatsako

I have an action in my workflow "Update Item" that will update a column in my list that contains a choice (checkboxes).


Let's say the choices in the column are:


Bob Jones - Accounting

Mary Smith - HR

Jane Doe - Marketing


When the new item form is submitted, I want the workflow to add all three choices to the item.  


However, when I do this, filtering isn't working in the list view as intended.  I can have one list item where I chose the checkboxes manually, and another list item where the workflow updated the item, and if I filter the column on "Bob Jones - Accounting" only the item shows where I added Bob manually.


If I modify the workflow to only add ONE of the three, it works as intended.


This does not work:


While this works fine:



If I could stack these actions, that would work fine, but it only keeps the last value, of course.  I even tried a Parallel action but it goes left to right and keeps the last one as well.


Any ideas?