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Issues with isNullOrEmpty in validation rules

Question asked by pierrenouet on Feb 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by pierrenouet

Hello everyone,


I've got a big issue with multiple forms in multiple subsites.


I wrote some validation rules like this : 

isNullOrEmpty({self}) && equals(ExampleControl, « example »)


It worked fine for more than a year.

But, last friday, all the validation rules with "isNullOrEmpty" stopped working.

The rule was supposed to work when my control "ExampleControl" (which is a choice control) was set on "example" AND the single line text ({self}) was not empty.

Now, even if the "ExampleControl" is set on another choice than "example", the validation works.

Even if the "ExampleControl" is set on "example" AND the single line text ({self}) is not empty, it works too.

But it doesn't respect my rule.


I saw this issue in other request with some replacement like instead of "isNullOrEmpty" => equals({self}, "") and it works. 

But i want to know why is this happening from one day to another.



Thank you for helping me.