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Regular Expression Extract Username from DN

Question asked by landrybe on Feb 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by Henning Eiben

I'm trying to find the manager of a task assignee. When I use Query LDAP to find the manager, it returns the distinguished name of the manager. We need to forward the task to the assignee's manager once the assignee completes the task. I thought pulling the username from the LDAP return:

CN=<manager name> (<manager username>),OU=<OU>,OU=<OU>,OU=<OU>,DC=<DC>,DC=<DC>, would be the best way to go. I then could use that username to create a new task for the manager. I'm trying to get a grasp of regular expressions but it's been really confusing to me. Can someone assist in the right expression to use? Or if there's a better way to pull the manager of the task assignee that's just as good.


*Note: The user initiating the workflow is not the assignee.