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Query LDAP in a loop or with a collection

Question asked by vacoder on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by brightlight

In one of the workflows we are using we send emails out to a number of users. This could be anywhere from a single user up to a handful or more. Currently we query a group in a specific OU and return a list of names. Those names are popped into the TO line of an email and sent out. This works OK until recently a user was added that had the same first and last name of another user and despite them being in 2 separate OUs both users were emailed instead of one. 


So it became clear that a more precise way of sending emails needed to be done. AS the Administrator I'm not as familiar with Nintex actions as the developers but they are out of office for a few days and this is something of a security issue.


Can a collection be passed into the QUERY LDAP action such that the query becomes




or is there a query that can accept a delimited string of users to pull back a string of email addresses? I've not been able to find this capability in the ldap query syntax and it doesn't sound too efficient.