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Issue with yammer message action

Question asked by somasekhar on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by chris.ben

Hi All,


I am facing an issue with the yammer message action(it will post the new message into Yammer group from the Nintex workflow). I am able to post new yammer message to some yammer groups by using the yammer message action. But with few groups I am facing an issue, the posted message not moving to the specified yammer group. Posted message moving to the All Company yammer group(Default group)


In my research, I have found if we are not specifying any group name in the yammer message action options, posted message will move to All Company group. But I am specifying the correct group name, still the yammer message action posting to the All Company group.


So can anybody help me in this issue? Please provide your valuable suggestions?

if any body need more information please ask me..


Thanks in advance...