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Nintex Mobile & Nintex Workflow Cloud

Question asked by cazza162 Champion on Feb 25, 2017
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So I have just started playing with Nintex Workflow Cloud so please do excuse me if this is a rather basic (borderline silly) question...

I have created a NWC workflow with a start event of Nintex > Nintex Mobile.  This works absolutely fine when I add the "Nintex Mobile" app to my iOS device and sign in with the NWC account I have created as part of my trial.  I can add to the mobile form and submit and I can respond to the workflow tasks I send myself inside the workflow through the app.  I am pretty happy with how easy that was to set up (and uber impressed).

My question is this.  What if I want to demo this to someone and have them create the item in their nintex mobile app and have them respond to a task.  As far as I can see on the app I can sign in with the following accounts:

  • Corporate Account
  • Office 365 Account
  • Nintex Workflow Cloud Account

Now this person that I want to partake in my investigation of the tool has none of these. Obviously I can create a public web form for them to complete, and they can respond to the NWC task via email, but if I want to let them experience the UI via mobile do I have any other options here?