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Customize Edit Task Form

Question asked by sandy_s on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by sandy_s

Hi All, 

I have UAT with customer about Nintex workflow. The State Machine workflows works for their business process.

State machine has 4 states. Account Manage (AM) (Initiator – fills the form) and submit to Site Program Manager (SPM) for approval. SPM verifies the AM’s form, enter his comments and submit to Project Manager (PM) for further Approval.  This workflow works.

However, customer felt that there are many steps for any approval steps when I showed the out of the box approval Nintex workflow. Following is the current step by step:     

Current process:

  • AM gets email notification (Send Email Action) that he received ticket is pending for approval from SPM and SPM gets an email for approval as follows:

    The first 1st link is the link SharePoint task title and 2nd part the workflow task link:

    3rd is the Related Item with 4th associated List link for that specific ID. Site program manager clicks on the Related item as shown:

  • As it’s a Display Form, SPM has to click on Edit item

  • SPM has to put his comments for his part within the form

  • SPM has again go to that email and click on 1st Link for approval / reject

  • Later SPM Approves or Rejects

  • Task gets strikes off from the Workflow Task list.

    and Project Manager stage is also shown above.

  • Need to go the List that is associated for his part which is SPM.

    Customer told that SPM, Project Manager has lot of clicks and process should be optimized for workflow with lesser clicks.


    Customer suggested to customize edit task form within the workflow when SPM received emails link, it should directly access the workflow tasks page for that particular task link in the editable mode.   

  • When I try to modify, the task edit form for the SPM task approval as follows

    I get the default Nintex layout, which is VERY different from my custom Nintex layout. Yes, I can modify the comments section for the SPM Comments Part 2 and delete or hide other fields within this new task form.

    Q: Is the correct behavior of customized Edit Task form?


  • Q: :Are my steps are correct in terms of process using OOTB?  
  •  Q: What is best way to meet this requirement where approver SHOULD be able to go to workflow task page and task should open in the editable mode?   

Any recommendations are highly appreciated.