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Need help for separating dates and creating a flexible table.

Question asked by rogelio.tan on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by emha

I'm new to the sharepoint nintex workflow environment so I am not very familiar with some of the features. I have a project that will get all the events that will happen on that week and send it to email notification. My problem is one of the requirements is the weekdays should be separated to the weekends event.


What I did is:

1. Calculate date - to get the span of the date that is needed to be extracted and store it in a variable "EndDate(Date)"

2. Query list - to query on the list and store it into a variable "collectionID(collection)"

3. For each - to loop through each item in "collectionID" and store it in "varEventID(List Item)"

4. Parallel action - 

    4.1. Set Variable - Store the event name for a single line text variable

    4.2. Set Variable - Store the start time for a single line text variable

    4.3. Set Variable - Store the end time for a single line text variable

5. Build String - to store value that i set and will be used for notification

6. Send notification.


what I need to do is to separate the week end events and week days.


Also, is there a way in nintex workflow to create a flexible table base on how many inputs have been gathered?


Any suggestion will be a great help thank you in advance!