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I would like to use Div tag on Nintex Form.

Question asked by junnaphiri on Feb 24, 2017
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I'm using Nintex Form on SharePoint and trying to use jQuery to it.

I want to sandwich the Choice with DIV tag. But can't fine anywhere to edit html..

And also want to set an ID to the choice.

Like this:

   <div class="block">
    <div id="radios">
            <input id="option1" name="options" type="radio">
                <label for="option1">1 <br>year</label>

           <input id="option2" name="options" type="radio">
                 <label for="option2">2 years</label>

           <input id="option3" name="options" type="radio" checked>
                 <label for="option3">3 years</label>

           <input id="option4" name="options" type="radio">
                 <label for="option4">4 years</label>

           <input id="option5" name="options" type="radio">
                 <label for="option5">5+ years</label>


Is there a way?