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How to terminate the previous instance (same version) of the workflow on an item?

Question asked by oldmonk on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2017 by emha

Here is my requirement:


User X makes a change to a list item and submits the item for approval. However, before the approval workflow is complete, User X realizes that he needs to make some more changes. User X goes back to the item (which was in 'Pending' approval status) and makes his changes and makes a second approval request.


Currently, this second approval request by User X is not starting a new workflow instance (if previous one is not complete, as is the case here). I have tried using the "Terminate Workflow" action with "Cancel all other workflows" configuration (as per the Nintex documentation, this is supposed to cancel all previous instances of the workflow on the item) but it is doing nothing.


Interestingly, if you modify the workflow design (that is create another "version" of the workflow) before making the second approval request, then the "Terminate Workflow" action cancels the previous instance (which is now an older "version") of the workflow and the approver gets an email that "Approval is no longer required" on the first change.


However, I am looking to cancel the previous "instance" of the workflow (regardless of the workflow design versions) when changes are made while approval is pending.


Seems like we should be able to do this. The OOTB SharePoint workflow appears to do this easily.


Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.