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Can Nintex Workflow call code NWF.FormFiller.PrintToPDF.PrintToPDF();

Question asked by fkc99 on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by fkc99

I have a Nintex Form that I can open up and utilize the 'Print to PDF' feature/button to create a nice PDF version of the form. I then copy the PDF file manually over to a Document library with a Nintex Workflow that simply sends out an email notification with the PDF File Attached to the email. That works great!

I now would like to automate the process of creating the PDF file with a separate Nintex Workflow that upon saving a Nintex Form on a List that then executes a workflow that would convert the Nintex Form to a PDF file and then copy the PDF file to the document library which would send out the email from the workflow I already have working. I saw a Nintex community member (MIchael Peterson) mention using NWF.FormFiller.PrintToPDF.PrintToPDF(); Could I use this code somehow within the List Nintex Workflow to achieve my requirement to automatically save the file in a PDF format? Does anyone have another method to achieve the same result as what I'm trying to do?